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Thursday, 23rd July 2020

08:00 AM

08:00 AM – 09:00 AM

Welcome Registration, Breakfast & Coffee

09:00 AM

09:00 AM – 09:05 AM

Chair’s Opening Welcome Address

09:05 AM

09:05 AM – 09:35 AM

Embracing the next wave of Disruptive Innovation in the Private Wealth Landscape- 2020 Predictions and Trends

What will you learn?


  • What technology wealth managers must leverage to accommodate the increasingly sophisticated needs of their clients
  • Use cases of AI & Machine Learning in Private Banking – how is AI creating a personalised experience for clients?
  • Wealth screening and client onboarding transformation
  • Arising regulatory reforms impacting the wealth management industry
  • What opportunities have been realised by private banks that have embraced digital service channels?
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09:35 AM

09:35 AM – 09:55 AM

Catering to the Generational Shift in Wealth

What will you learn?


By the year 2030, more than $15 trillion in wealth will be transitioned from one generation to the next.


  • Get a unique insight into how current wealth patterns will evolve over the next decade and how wealth managers must adapt to accommodate this shift.
  • Challenges and Opportunities in succession planning
  • How will New Money Millennials change wealth management?
  • Transforming private banking to meet the vastly different expectations of millennials
  • Are there any challengers that may be able to create a strong enough value proposition to eat away at millennial wallet share?


09:55 AM

09:55 AM – 10:25 AM

Spotlight 2020: ESG Investing Trends to Watch For

What will you learn?


Climate change was by far the most discussed and actionable theme this year in Davos. Global warming will present lots of money-making opportunities and ESG will stay a stock pickers’ dream, as investors look for momentum as a way to find promising companies.


  • How to build a global consensus on how to measure, compare and report ESG risks and positive impacts. These efforts help to make impact management & measurement more accessible to all investors.
  • What Investment opportunities will COVID-19 bring from an ESG perspective?
  • What are the strongest trends in ESG investing? How is the landscape evolving?
  • How are changes in data availability, reporting standards, and regulations affecting ESG investment strategies and the way we can talk about them with clients?
  • What truths need to be told about ESG investing? What myths dispelled?
  • How ESG risk factors can impact the performance of investments?


10:25 AM

10:25 AM – 11:00 AM

Chief Investment Officer Symposium:

What will you learn?


  • What does the future of the global capital markets and the private banking ecosystem look like?
  • How are private wealth managers responding to COVID-19 and what strategies and advice are they delivering to their HNW clients?
  • How was 2019 as a year for profitability and growth and what is the outlook for 2020.
  • HNW investment flows and asset allocation
  • Key themes driving HNW attitudes to wealth movement
  • Upcoming political uncertainty and instability: how can banks best prepare?

11:00 AM

11:00 AM – 11:20 AM

Refreshments & Networking

11:20 AM

11:20 AM – 11:50 AM

Evolution of the Family Office 4.0 – How to Build and Design the Family Office of the Future

Family offices, like most organizations, are facing some interesting times. Not only are existing single family offices growing and expanding along with the wealth under their management, but new ones are being formed.


  • The top trends that will impact Family Offices in 2020.
  • The applications of Algoriythms in Portfolio Management for Family Offices
  • How are family offices adjusting assest allocation and strategies
  • How to prepare family businesses for digital and data disruption through education
  • Where are family offices most optimally located

11:50 AM

11:50 AM – 13:20 AM

ESG, DPM and Investment Ideas Roundtables

Intimate discussion roundtables are formed by topic intended to deliver peer-to-peer discussions, forge partnerships and raise key considerations. Each rountabe in a series will be rotated once in order to ensure the relevant executives

  • ESG Rountable A | ESG Rountable B
  • DPM Roundtable A | DPM Rountable B
  • Investment Themes & Ideas Roundtable A | Investment Themes & Strategies Roundtable B

13:20 AM

Private Bankers’ VIP Lunch